Ralston College, which is located in historic Savannah and under the distinguished patronage of Dr Harold Bloom, Dr Hilary Putnam (1926-2016), and Sir Salman Rushdie, intends to become one of the finest institutions of higher education in history. It will begin its operations by offering a supremely challenging curriculum in the liberal arts. The College aims to be at once both traditional and innovative; the standpoint from which it understands contemporary culture is radically discontinuous with the worldview that at present informs most institutions of higher education. Its collegiate culture and student experience will be unlike anything ever seen before, and precisely in order to accomplish this it intends to make use in a suitably adapted form of many of the distinctive customs that have characterized college life over the centuries. The College will not attempt to act in loco parentis, and there will be no restrictions on freedom of speech. The College's motto, SERMO LIBER VITA IPSA, is a translation into Latin of the words "free speech is life itself".

The members of the College's Board of Visitors are Lord Alton of Liverpool, Mark Bauerlein, Guyanne Booth, Rhea Bright, Timothy Burgess, Anthony J. Burton, Mary T. Clark (1913-2014), T. Kenneth Cribb, Anthony M. Daniels, Robert J. Dodaro, Donald L. Drakeman, Freeman J. Dyson, Stanley E. Fish, Reginald Foster, Frederic J. Fransen, David H. Gelernter, Geoffrey G. Harpham, Mark C. Henrie, Douglas R. Hofstadter, Steven V. Justice, Roger Kimball, Joseph L. Koerner, Alan Charles Kors, John Leo, Harry R. Lewis, Heather Mac Donald, Wilfred M. McClay, Deirdre N. McCloskey, Michael C. Munger, David Novak, James R. Otteson, Jay Parini, Peter Pennoyer, Michael B. Poliakoff, William Craig Rice (1955-2016), Donald S. Rickerd, Andrew Roberts, Roger V. Scruton, Jane S. Shaw, Harvey A. Silverglate, Vernon L. Smith, John Tomasi, James Tooley, Donald P. Verene, George T. Walker, Elie Wiesel (1928-2016), Ruth R. Wisse, Peter W. Wood, and Todd J. Zywicki. The members of the College's Board of Governors are Stephen J. Blackwood, M. Tyus Butler Jr, Gavin G. Dunbar, Robert H. Jarman, and James A. Pritchard. Tyus Butler is the Chancellor of the College and Stephen Blackwood is its President and Vice-Chancellor. The Fellows of the College are Margaret E. Butler, Michael Chase, Cynthia Drakeman, Hans Feichtinger, Thatcher Gearhart (Honorary), John M. Hewson (Honorary), Michael D. Hurley, Roland Kuhn, and Lillien Waller.

It is not now accepting applications for admission, nor is it providing information to prospective students. The IRS has determined that the College is a Public Charity and that it is tax-exempt in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. On-line gifts to Ralston College may be made here. For more information about Ralston College please contact ralstoncollege@ralston.ac or return to this website, where additional details will in due course be made available. Ralston College may also be found on Facebook and Twitter.